Training for Such a Time as This

The world in which we live is an ever changing place. Our country has been at war since September 11, 2001. That attack had a profound effect on Western thought and culture. The ensuing war has made American citizens into targets in certain places in the world.

According to the United States Department of State, there were 56 private US citizens either killed or kidnapped overseas in 2016.    VIEW REPORT

Americans travel overseas for many different reasons: NGO’s and humanitarian aid workers, faith groups and missionaries, corporations and businesses, media and journalists, airline crews, vacationers and tourists, etc. They come from all states and all walks of life. They go to every corner of the world. Our job, is to see that they come back home.

Captive Audience Prevention Training and Recovery Team (CAPTaRT) was established in 2017 to meets the world’s growing problem with hostage situations and kidnapping for ransom. Established by a retired army special forces operator with specialized training and experience in personnel recovery, CAPTaRT is comprised of a team with three decades of defense, intelligence, SERE, travel/personnel/facility security, counter terrorism, personnel recovery, infiltration/exfiltration, Critical Incident Stress Management, risk and threat assessments, and many more skills crucial to the company’s mission.

Our Mission

Captivity Prevention | Mitigation | Intervention

Our Vision

To leave the ninety-nine sheep who are already safe, and go off into the wilderness to rescue the one who is in distress. Captive Audience cares about every single life. Our passion is freedom. We will fight captivity, everywhere we find it, it all its forms. People were designed to be free. Kidnapping for ransom, extortion, terrorism, sex trafficking, and organ trafficking must be eradicated and we fight the criminals who perpetrate these atrocities for their own gain. We fight on behalf of the captives who cannot fight for themselves.