Captive Audience Prevention Training and Recovery Team offers an array of security, travel, and survival courses for every level and type of student


This course is nearest and dearest to our hearts. This is the core and the essence of what we do. In this course, you will learn the psychology of captivity and survival, becoming a hard target, situational awareness, blending into the baseline, self-defense from a weakened state, intelligence gathering, protecting your assets, escape from restraints and facilities, evasion from recapture, acting and compliance with the authorities, and repatriation.

Topics covered include but are not limited to:

  • Captivity and Survival Psychology
  • Human, Material, and Facility Escape
  • Evasion From Recapture
  • Becoming a Hard Target
  • Protecting Your Assets
The world is a changing place and right now, it is not changing for the better. This course is designed to arm students with the tools to deal with Kidnapping, Extortion, Terrorism, Active Shooters, Natural Disasters, and man-made hazards. You will learn situational awareness at home, at work, in public, on travel, at hotels, and on public transit and the methodologies to deal with whatever you encounter there. This course covers mindset, decision making, every day carry items, response, self-defense, triage and treatment of wounded, evacuation, and interacting with the authorities.

Topics covered include but are not limited to:

  • Kidnapping Methods and Types
  • Extortion Methods and Types
  • Anti Terrorism
  • Active Shooter
  • Natural Disasters
  • Self-Defense
  • Triage/Treatment
  • Every Day Carry
Have you ever wondered exactly what you would do if a true crisis unfolded around you and your children? This course is designed to arm moms with the knowledge base and skill set to identify a crisis before it erupts, respond to real and active threats, and protect your most valuable treasures, your children. The Covert Protector is our way of saying that you can be far more than you appear to be. Let the world underestimate you! You will be a force to be reckoned with in any emergency situation.

Topics covered include but are not limited to:

  • Left Of Incident Intelligence Gathering
  • Decision Making
  • Spotting Signs of a Crisis
  • Taking Action
  • Protecting Children
  • Run/Hide/Fight
  • Evacuation
  • Dealing with the Authorities


This course is designed to teach whole families how to recognize and respond to a crisis situation. Parents and children alike will learn their own roles and responsibilities, develop communications and response plans, and be prepared to stay safe and survive at home and in public. We will cover home life, work life, school life, church life, and public life as well as sheltering in place and bugging out.

Topics covered include but are not limited to:

  • Family Roles and Responsibilities
  • Communications Planning
  • School/Work/Church/Public Awareness and Crisis Response
  • Shelter in Place
  • Home Security and Safety
  • Bugging Out
Land and Sea. That is what we do. In these courses, you will learn how to keep yourself and your buddies alive, build shelter, find water and food, build fire, navigate, signal, evade detection and/or get rescued. These individual courses will arm you with the skills and knowledge base to survive in any climate and on any frontier.

Topics covered include but are not limited to:

  • Mountain
  • Arctic
  • Desert
  • Jungle
  • Urban
  • Water
Do you travel overseas? This course is a must-have. In this course, you will learn security minded decision making at home, en route, and abroad. You will cover things like internet image projection, threat vulnerability assessments, pattern of life, airline security, taxi security, criteria for selecting a hotel, hotel security, destination based situational awareness, self-defense, surviving a terrorist attack, care under fire, defeating the shock of capture, the psychology of captivity, escape, dealing with the authorities, and reintegration. Do not miss this opportunity to arm yourself with the knowledge base and skill set you need to travel with confidence.
If you are a Millennial, a Gen Y, or a Gen Z, show the world that you have a lot to offer! Millennial Boot Camp teaches you how to think, how to act, how to survive, and how to save lives. In this course, you will learn that you are capable of far more than you ever dreamed. You will come away with the knowledge base and skill set to take care of yourself and your buddies. You will awe and inspire your peers as you walk with calm confidence into any situation. Learn how to make good decisions, respond to a crisis, conquer helplessness, social engineer, gather intelligence, self-rescue, move under fire, apply life-saving medical techniques, build shelter, make fire, find water, navigate, signal, and project your best image online. Get out there! Make a statement! Set a trend!
This course is for personnel who plan to have extended stays overseas. Life is different in other places and the best thing you can do is to prepare for any eventuality. Learn how to be culturally aware, to fit in, to make friends, stay out of trouble, and handle anything that comes up. It’s one thing to be able to respond to a crisis at home. It’s something else to respond in a foreign setting. Are you prepared?
In this course, you will learn…

  • 360 Degree Situational Awareness
  • Mindset
  • Decision Making
  • The Fulcrum Principle
  • Resiliency
  • Advance Preparation of the Battle Space
  • Psychology of Captivity and Survival
  • Counter Measures
  • Social Engineering
  • Left of Incident Intelligence Gathering
  • Baseline
  • Living in the Grey
  • Early Detection/Warning Systems
  • Internet Security
  • Surveillance
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Kidnapping Awareness and Preparedness
  • Resistance Mode
  • Travel Security
  • Airplane Security
  • Taxi Security
  • Bus/Train/Subway Security
  • Personal Vehicle Security
  • Hotel Security
  • Weapons
  • Improvised Weapons
  • Surviving a Grenade or IED Attack
  • Combatives
  • Human Restraint Escape
  • Material Restraint Escape
  • Facility Escape
  • Defeating Locks
  • Hot-wiring
  • Signals and Communication
  • Geocaching Supplies
  • Defeating Technological Surveillance
In this course, you will learn geographic based vehicle skills, designed to arm you with the knowledge base and skill sets you will need in order to avoid and counter how kidnappings are actually carried out in various regions of the world. Counter contact driving for those environments include:

  • Blind navigation, both on and off road.
  • Counter vehicle-commandeering.
  • Vehicle-based situational awareness.
  • Vehicular counter-surveillance.
  • Convoy work.
  • Trap and choke-point avoidance.
  • Counter IED driving.
  • Vehicle care and maintenance in hostile terrain.
  • Decoy driving.
  • Avoidance maneuvers.
  • Decision making.
  • Third-party protection driving.
  • Vehicle escape.
  • Hot wiring
  • Long range evasion planning
  • Beacons and bug detection
  • Stocking your vehicle
  • Vehicle-based layered security
  • Water egress
  • Helicopter sling load of vehicles and rapid insertion
  • Weight and balance
The Special Operations Negotiator Course is a six day course in Irregular Warfare negotiations for Special Forces, Civil Affairs, Psychological Operations, SEALs, Marine Raiders, SOCOM Inter Agency Partners, and Allied Special Operations Forces. This course will incorporate negotiation theories taught in MBA programs, Conflict Resolution programs, and FBI and Law Enforcement Hostage Negotiations programs. The Special Operations Negotiator Course will involve intense scenario based negotiation role plays which place the student in a “Robin Sage” like situation where the students are able to receive positive and negative feedback through the role players, based on their performance.
“Captive Audiences presented an outstanding workshop that really opened my eyes as a traveler. They combined decades of practical experience with the ability to make it understandable to someone without a military background. This is a must-do workshop for any corporate executive, NGO worker or frankly anyone who wants to move through the modern world with eyes wide open.”David Vinjamuri – author, journalist and NYU professor