Northeast Off-Road Adventures, Inc

(NORA) offers a variety of quality-focused training experiences that include off-road driving & recovery skills, driving tours, corporate team building and custom adventure-event programs. Learn More

Just Ask Prevention

Captive Audience and Just Ask Prevention have formed a cooperative relationship to combat the problem of human trafficking in Northern Virginia. The goal is to educate and train the community together, by giving them tools in kidnapping and trafficking prevention. Captive Audience will function as the data collection and training component as Just Ask Prevention focuses on prevention through education and resources. Learn More


TOUGH-GRID is the only supplier of paracord we use at Captive Audience. Made in the USA, TOUGH-GRID’s products stand the test of time and stress. We always have their paracord with us in the field. We teach with it, we train with it, and we operate with it. TOUGH-GRID is family owned and has unparalleled customer service. We look to TOUGH-GRID to supply all our paracord needs.┬áLearn More


Readyman is Captive Audience’s newest partner. We have released a book, 365 Days of Survival – Readyman Edition. This is only available for purchase through Readyman. Readyman and Captive Audience have teamed up to provide information and training to the Western and Midwestern United States. Conveniently located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Readyman is putting the finishing touches on their brand new training facility. We are currently making plans for Captive Audience to begin to offer courses at their site. Learn More

Sahel Elite

Sahel Elite is a security and surveillance company based in Mali in Northwestern Africa. Captive Audience and Sahel Elite have partnered to expand our reach and multiply our capabilities. We look forward to training and operating with our brothers and sisters in the Eastern Hemisphere. Learn More


Spyderco has steadily grown to become one of the leaders in the cutlery industry. Specifically, Captivity Audience PT & RT recommend their Karahawk G-10 foldable knife. Learn More