Prepping for Crisis

Occupy Wall Street. The Boston Marathon Bombing. The Ferguson Riots. The San Bernedino workplace shooting. The White Nationalist Riot in Charlottesville. The Orlando nightclub massacre. Aurora. Fort Hood. Sandy Hook. Columbine. The Naval Yard. Virginia Tech. Coral Springs.

We all know every one of these places and events. Why? Something gruesome happened there that will forever live in our memories. An individual or a group turned a peaceful, American setting into a battlefield for politics, ideals, hatred, radicalism, profit, press, or mental imbalance.

Have you trained for this? Have you prepared? Are you ready?

It is becoming quite clear that we can no longer say that these things will never happen here. They do happen here. When acts of violence, hatred, terrorism, war, and even natural disasters strike, what can we do?

Captive Audience: Prevention, Training, and Recovery Team LLC provides courses on all manner of preparedness measures like: wilderness survival, abduction prevention, evasion, escape, armed and unarmed combat skills, self-rescue, and 360 degree situational awareness, crisis prevention and response. and many more skills crucial to survival.