Captive Audience Prevention Training and Recovery Team Private Investigative Services:

Our Private Investigators are registered in Virginia, and are Certified Missing and Exploited Child Investigators. Captive Audience PTRT Virginia DCJS Private Security Business 11-16863

Captive Audience Prevention Training and Recovery Team offers:
Threat Vulnerability assessments for corporations, churches, families, individuals, and facilities. This includes a facility inspection, research, and surveillance. Our findings help identify vulnerabilities and recommend security improvements or changes.
Virtual Threat Vulnerability Assessments for individuals, families, and organizations. A Virtual Threat Vulnerability Assessment analyzes online threats and vulnerabilities. We highly recommend this service for those who travel internationally to high-risk locations, those who have a high social media presence, those who have a potential of being stalked, and those who are concerned about their personal safety and security.
Missing Persons and Human Trafficking Cases
Surveillance and Counter Surveillance
Attorney Support for Prosecution
General Attorney Support
Background Checks
Other Limited Services

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