Unique Training

A Three Tiered Approach to Your Safety

Captive Audience Prevention Training and Recovery Team offers the highest caliber of security and survival training available. Our customized courses cover a wide range of topics such as: Mountain Survival, Arctic Survival, Desert Survival, Jungle Survival, Urban Survival, Water Survival, Active Shooter Response, Terrorist Action Response, Natural Disaster Response, Crisis Response, Situational Awareness, Travel Security, Hostile Party Evasion, Human/Material/Facility Escape, Captivity Survival, Self-Defense, Critical Thinking and Crisis Decision Making, Surveillance Detection and Counter Measures, Vehicle Security, and Anti Kidnapping. We bring you the very latest in up-to- date techniques to ensure your freedom, safety, and survival. We bring three decades of field experience to each class to produce an unparalleled learning experience. Our comprehensive training consists of a combination of classroom presentations, hands-on labs, and scenario-based exercises to give each student a 360 degree experience.
Captive Audience offers a range of preventative and mitigating security measures:

Private Investigation Services
Physical Threat Vulnerability Assesments
Cyber/Virtual Threat Vulnerability Assessments
Hardening Soft Targets
Counter Surveillance
Safe Travel Planning
Geopolitical Analysis for Travel
Risk Assessments
Site Security
Vehicle Security
Crisis Response Planning
Left Of Incident Planning and Action
Cross Cultural Advisory Services
Captive Audience PT&RT is capable of getting involved at any point along the timeline of a crisis: before, during, or after. We offer a unique set of skills and capabilities that set us apart from the rest. We bring you excellence in:

Critical Incident Stress Management for Families and Corporations
Crisis Negotiations
Obtaining Proof of Life
Cross Cultural Communication,
Counter Surveillance
International Crisis Liaison Services
Hostage Rescue Liaison Services
Isolated Person Recovery
Operations Planning
Trauma-Informed Post Critical Incident Care